04/04/09 (Pally) It seems that in the past couple of weeks most of the plans we've had haven't exactly gone as hoped...so let me just reassure you that not everything we touch turns to sh*#t or ends up with broken toes...lets just blame it on the spring weather which has well and truly sprung out here in the Alps...it's sweltering!

So firstly, we had great plans for our backcountry kicker. Switch misty 9's (apparently), sunset sessions, you name it...and with it all prepped and ready to go, we just had to wait for the 20 cms of fresh snow we were predicted to get, and the following days of sun...simple eh!

We got the snow...great! But the sun took a little longer than expected to rear its head, so that on the day we wanted to hit the thing, we were trapped in a sort of foggy oven that as we found out later, had the ability to strip flesh from a man's face, and also leave the snow in a state that we were unsure would be usable the next day.


The sky cleared fully that night, and we optimistically predicted that the ensuing cold temperatures would dry the snow out, and on the ski down to the kicker the following (bluebird) morning the snow was awesome...untill within about 100 meters of the jump which was frozen solid...nice!


So, it seems we'd lost this one, but that didn't stop us checking out a new area in the resort, and Jamie managing to chuck a rodeo off a stepped out drop...he tweaked his knee, but as you know by now that's par for the course isn't it?

...but a tad over baked

The hot spring weather has not broken since then, and doesn't show much sign in doing so (actually quite a welcome relief after such a long snowy winter). So while we head of in search of a park to session, and i wait around and kill some time before Nico Zacek's 9knights event, i leave you with some disturbing images of what a lack of pow pow can do to a man...