Galibier-Thabor (Valloire and Valmeinier) – 13&14/01/10

Another visit to Valloire and a first time in Valmeinier. Some nice powder on the first day in Valloire although a lot had been skied out by the time we got there. The pistes were generally in very good condition except for a few patches of ice. The snow park is busy being built with some smaller jumps open although the half pipe is still under construction. Day two starting in Valmeinier was much harsher with high winds creating bare patches of ice and snow drifts on the edges of the pistes. Off piste not really an option due to the powder having been blown away but the odd patch found in more sheltered areas. The main lift into Valloire was closed most of the day although a button was still working. Both areas had icy pistes towards the end of the day but with snow expected this week hopefully these conditions will improve.


12/01/10 La Feclaz

La Feclaz is a small resort Just outside of Chambery. Currently great snow conditions and empty pistes. No deep stashes of powder as most of the resort is covered in thick trees making it hard for the snow to build up. However a good covering higher up with just a few rocks visible lower down.


George Fry (21) is an English student studying at Universite de Savoie in Chambery for the year, although he has privately confessed he's there more for the skiing than the studying.