More eyewitness accounts from George Fry of conditions around the Alps, this time Valloire and La Clusaz.

Valloire – 09/01/10

Snow conditions were great. Some deep off piste in places, 30-40cm, but only where sheltered from the wind. More exposed places have had the powder blown away. Just about enough hard packed snow now to avoid the majority of rocks, however some are still poking through. The pistes were superb and most runs are now open. It was snowing all day and continued as I was leaving so perhaps even better later in the week.

Not the best light, but the snow is pretty damn good...

La Clusaz – 08/01/2010

After a week of snowfall all across Europe hopes were high for some great powder. Unfortunately not a huge amount was found here. On the top the slopes were groomed surperbly and the snow conditions were perfect for some on piste skiing. Off piste was average, about a foot of powder on a firm base was enough to proide some entertainement, just not as much as hoped. At the top they have just over 1m while in the village only 30cm, which meant some rocks and icy patches on the descent. However, up high the on piste made up for the less than expected powder and the red run L’Aiguille is highly recomended. More snow expected this weekend so conditions likely to keep improving.

Scenic from La Clusaz

George Fry (21) is an English student studying at Universite de Savoie in Chambery for the year, although he has privately confessed he's there more for the skiing than the studying.