Photo taken from Winter of Wells

He's managed to top the table and become the best of the best. After one hell of a season, Jossi Wells can now call himself the AFP Men's Superpipe victor. He was pretty stoked about being called Overall Men's champ so this Superpipe crown is seen as a bonus. After dominate the Winter Dew Tour, Jossi had taken a lead over Kevin Rolland (FRA) but it wasn't a lead that couldn't be overcome. It came down to the WSI Superpipe event in Whistler and, as I'm sure you know, things were slightly ruined by THAT volcano!

Because of the ashy eruption, fate played a part and neither Jossi or Kevin could compete leaving the standings as they were and Jossi taking the crown.

With his superpipe run starting in 2009, Jossi was hard pressed not to finish within the top 5! It's where he started and it's where he ended up.

Kudos to Jossi. Let's see how he does next year! Remember to keep your eyes peeled for next season's Winter of Wells and check out this year's right here on SkiUnion!