The 3rd edition of the eco-freeride contest KICK THE VIK will take place 12-14 March 2010 in the swiss alps between Andermatt and Disentis.

The Concept

The riders have to hike up and they can choose their own lines and areas. The terrain contains faces for all skills. The experience of nature, consideration on nature and the correct behavior on off-piste- terrain are an important image component for this event.

kick vick 4

The Event

Even though there is a friendly atmosphere, it‘s still a freeride competition. It‘s categorised in men and women but not in different disciplines! The judging will be done by video analysis from each rider. There is a riders voting at the mountain hut during the event and a public voting on our new website after the event. The competition will be carried out on the best sunny day.

kick vik 2

For more specific information on the event, click here, and check out this vid off the best bits of Kick The Vik 2009. More Ski >>

World Wide Mountain, web-based competition

New for this year, and for all those who are not able to come to kick the vik there is something else on offer, a webbased freeride competition! You make a user account and upload your line. The line will be juged by everyone with different aspect. Finally the best judged fifty riders will be juged by an international professional jury.

We start with three categories per gender:

- big mountain line

- pillow line

- backyard and city

It's for skier, snowboarder and telemarker

The World Wide Mountain website is coming very soon, in the meantime click here for more information.

Looking forward to see your lines!