The King of Style Big Air in Stockholm has just wrapped up the last of this seasons city events, with a great showdown that saw Andreas Hatveit (who has been so close to taking the top spot at all of the events) finally take first place in front of Phil Casabon and Sammy Carlson.

Again, all top three winning jumps were a variation on double corks. Sammy Carlson took third with a huge double cork 10 high mute 'poked', Phil Casabon came second with a stylish switch 10 double cork Japan shifty, and Andreas won with a massive double cork 10 double mute grab.

Here's the video of his winning jump, and we'll publish more as they are released.

Also, you can see most of the action from Jon Olsson's video seems that there was much debate about the judging, so....judge for yourself!

King of style Finals. from Jon Olsson Video Blog on Vimeo.


Final Results:


2. Phil Casabon, 283

3. Sammy Carlson, 280

4. Pekka Hyysalo, 272

5. Jon Olsson, 270

6. Elias Ambühl, 262

7. Simon Dumont, 254

8. Patrick Hollaus, 252

9. Tom Wallisch, 240

10. Simon Ericsson, 201

11. LJ Strenio, 160

12. Jacob Wester, 134

For more info, check out and King of Style.