Mike Riddle ended up taking the spoils in Breckenridge, with Jossi Wells taking 2nd and reigning X-Games gold medalist, Xavier Bertoni in 3rd.


Riddle put together an awesome second run consisting of a double flatspin to right 900 to left 900 to alley-oop flatspin 360 to switch 900. All his trick's had good amplitude, style, and where stomped.  Jossi Wells put together a run that consisted of  left 900, right 900, double flatspin, right 720 and switch 900.  Xavier Bertoni, who has been had been killing it proir to the event, did Double flatspin, left 900, right 900, alley oop flatspin 360, and switch 720.

pipe podium

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Men’s Final Results:

1) Mike Riddle

2) Jossi Wells

3) Xavier Bertoni

4) Kevin Rolland

5) Justin Dorey

6) Simon Dumont

7) Matt Duhamel

8) Banks Gilberti

9) Dan Marion

10) Matt Margetts

11) Thomas Krief

12) David Wise