Anyone thinking of getting themselves a spot at the Oakley Jib Vid who hasn't entered yet should get going, you have until tomorrow to do so. Entering is easy, just fill in the entry form and... well no actually that's it. But do it now because there will be no more entrants after midnight on Friday (19th Feb).

Here's a little teaser for the 2010 event, just in case you needed any incentive to get involved with this great event.

Oakley Jib-Vid 2010 Teaser >>< />

And if that doesn't do it for you, head over to the Jib Vid website and check out all of last year's films.

2004 DMC UK champion, DJ Blakey will also be headlining the White Lounge opening party at the top of the Ahorn! So even if you're not entering there is plenty of reason to get over to Mayrhofen for the event. You can get tickets for the party here.

This event has grown in the last 7 years from a small seasonnaires event in Tignes to a truly international competition, and if you don't go this year then you'll be one year older when you do!

Any further questions contact the organisers at