Last weekend we had the first park shoot of the season for the new Aestivation movie at the Zoo park on the Stubai Glacier. Myself, Beni Mayr and Nico Zacek set out for the sun set and sun rise shoot, this meant an overnight stay up at the park!

The feature, a super scary gap to box!

We arrived in Stubai and met up with the 3 filmers from Aestivation and a photographer. I'd never been to Stubai but the resort is huge and very different to the normal 'glaciers' you get to ride in the summers for example. The Schneestern crew did an awesome job with the feature which we were eager to hit, although no one wanted to speed check the daunting gap!


Once we had the speed dialed and after some practice the weather came in for the sunset shoot which we decided to cut short... Time for an early night to make the most of our opertunity the next morning!


The sunrise defiantly didn't disappoint! We took a few warm up laps with a snow cat shuttle and then the shoot was on! The box was real scary to hit, all I could think about on the run-in was weather I had enough speed to make it onto the box! After a few hard slams we all walked away with some epic shots for the movie! I'd tell you what went down but you'll just have to wait and see!


Thanks to Korbi for the pics!