If you're regularly on the site, you'll notice that we underwent a small make-over recently. I say small... I mean huge. We completely changed the look of the whole website! You'll be sitting there asking yourselves why we did this and what's new but fear not, it's explanation time!


After a few months scouting the world for the best team to sort out your beloved website. Turns out they were holed away in a small part of Kettering Town. With a keen negotiator on board, we managed to secure their services for the small fee of 6 packs of Post-It notes. Was the price worth it though? Well, here's what they've done.

First things first, we've gotten rid of that blog format. It was alright for a while but we're not a blog, we're a website and need to make sure that you lot get the best content in the fastest possible time. For that purpose, we've split the web page into categories - features, videos, news etc. For those of you with the expendable income to afford a smart phone or tablet, we've catered for your needs too. It's more accessible and a lot easier to use!

Along with that is our own player! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. 5 yeses for the fact that we have our own player! It's dressed up in our colours, has a slow-mo button, a 3-second-rewind button, screen shot button and most importantly of all, a play/pause button. It's got the usual embed button and social button. But it's pretty slick and looks delightfully nice.

So that's about it! We've sorted it all out from head to toe, back to front and beyond but I still want to know what you think about it. Is it good? Is it bad? Put your thoughts into the internet suggestion box and I'll prod the newly acquired development team!