As some of you maybe aware, Skiunion took a trip to Chamonix earlier in the month to check out the new face for the Freeride World Tour. Whilst on the trip we bumped into Chamonix local, and ski photographer, Rogier van Rijn, who was very excited about something he'd inadvertently stumbled across on the internet earlier in the month (Nov). As with all avid skiers, Rogier had been checking out resort webcams early in the morning after a snowfall. He went on the Valfrejus website, and almost choked on his Cornflakes when he saw what looks like a bear - tracks and all - at the top of the mountain. The next time the feed updated itself the shape was gone, but the tracks remained. Rogier did some research and found that it wouldn't be the first bear in the area, and although an extremely rare sight, it seemed he had come across the genuine article. So here it is people, the Valfrejus bear caught on webcam!


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