Snow Park NZ is always at the top of the list of places to go when you've decided on heading to NZ for a ski trip/season but this year, after a warm month of May, combined with lower than average pre-season snowfall, they've delayed the opening of the park until June 11th. That is actually 2 days away but you never know what will happen!

Here's what Snow Park NZ snowmaker Daz Macale had to say: “The good news is we were able to make some snow at higher altitudes late Tuesday night and into the early hours Wednesday, at this point we’re optimistic that this is the turn in the weather we’ve been looking for. Conditions look good for the weekend."

That's good news for all you southern hemisphere shredders out there! If they've got the snow cannons on it means they've got a good base to build upon so let's hope that the ski season at Snow Park NZ kicks off soon and continues for a long while yet!

For more info head over to Snow Park NZ