On Saturday 26th September over 200 competitors and spectators descended upon Glasgow SNO!zone for the hotly contested Trespass British Snowboardcross/Skiercross Championships and Rail Jam. Competition was fierce as riders went head-to-head in the four-way races, with some spectacular wipe-outs along the way. Over at the Trespass Learner Academy 100 beginners inspired by the high-speed action took advantage of the FREE lessons that were up for grabs.

Trespass British Skiercross Championships

The afternoon made way for the Trespass Skiercross Championships with over 30 skiers going head-to-head down the challenging course, which was made up of banked turns, a big step-up and a tricky gap jump. In the women’s final, Gail Ross, charged into the lead after the first turn to set the pace, with Kelly O’Donnell, Danielle Freeze and Rachel Bajek hot on her tail. Holding onto her lead, Gail Ross crossed the line in first place to take the title leaving second place for Kelly O’Donnell and third for Danielle Freeze.

In the men’s final it was an extremely tight race out of the start gates, with Denzil Davies edging slightly into the lead and continuing down the course at top speed to cross the finish line in first place and take the prestigious 2009 Trespass British Skiercross title. Split seconds later Craig Conke and Mike Crawford who were hot on Davies’s heels crossed the line to take second and third respectively.

Trespass Freeski Rail Jam

During the rail jam, younger skiers including Harry Cheshire and David Bilsland stepped it up and creatively used the course set up with a front-flip off the side of the jump and an impressive 450 out on the bottom section of the kinked rail. The local Scottish contingency continued to set the standard with Chris McCormick taking top spot in the kids jam after nailing the flat down rail switch with a 270 out. In the women’s jam, Kelly O’Donnell finished first with a blind 270 off on the flat down rail. In the men’s jam, Jamie Sutherland won after doing a switch up on the kinked rail.

Trespass British Skiercross Championship Results


1st – Gail Ross - Glasgow

2nd – Kelly O’Donnell – Stoke-on-Trent

3rd – Danielle Freeze - Kent


1st – Denzil Davies – North Lincolnshire

2nd – Craig Conke - Dunbartonshire

3rd – Mike Crawford – N/A

Trespass Freeski Rail Jam Results:


1st – Jamie Sutherland – N/A

2nd – Riad Ariane – N/A

3rd - Gordon Bujaud - Perth


1st - Kelly O’Donnell – Stoke-on-Trent

2nd – Mia Cheshire – Stoke-on-Trent


1st – Chris McCormick - Glasgow

2nd – David Bilsland - Glasgow

3rd – Liam Beardsmore - Cheshire

The next and final British Snow Tour event of the series is the Animal Slopestyle Championships at Castleford SNO!zone on Saturday 3rd October. To pre-register for the Animal Slopestyle Champs or to check out the photos and video footage from the Trespass Snowboard/Skiercross Championships at Glasgow, go to: www.britishsnowtour.com