So arguably the most important freestyle event of the year is over for 2010. It's been a good weekend for skiing, starting with some ridiculous trickery in the Big Air competition, continuing to a great slopestyle competition, where Bobby Brown proved that he really is the king of the park right now, taking his second gold of the weekend, and finishing with a dramatic pipe competition on Sunday evening which ended with Kevin Rolland at the top of the field.

There was a definite changing of the guard last night, as we saw the end of the Tanner vs. Dumont era. It was a night for the Frenchies, with Kevin Rolland taking the gold with a ridiculous run that consisted of 3 doubles, spinning both ways and including his newly learnt double cork, and Xavier Bertoni taking bronze, with Kiwi Jossi Wells getting between the training partners and claiming the silver. (Final Results below)



1 Kevin Rolland 95.00

2 Jossi Wells 92.00

3 Xavier Bertoni 90.00

4 Simon Dumont 89.66

5 Duncan Adams 88.33

6 Tucker Perkins 85.00

7 Colby West 81.66

8 Peter Olenick 40.66

Peter Olenick also managed to take the gold in the new highest air competition, stealing the title from under the favourite, Dumont's nose. This is the first time Simon Dumont has not stood on an X-Games pipe podium since his first year at the event, 2003.


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