If you are thinking of heading to Yad Moss this weekend, here's a little message from the crew of volunteers who run it:

OK, the weather looks good and we may well open this weekend (watch the website) BUT we anticipate being very busy.


There will be problems parking, long queues for tickets and SERIOUS QUEUES for the lift - perhaps 20-30 mins. Please don't come unless you are happy to put up with ALL this.

ROAD ACCESS will be difficult and some may be blocked, you travel at your own risk. Listen to the radio, watch travel websites. Following Sat Navs caused problems last week leading people down blocked roads.

BRING A SHOVEL to dig out a parking bay. If you leave your car sticking out into the road you may block, or be hit by, the snowplough.

The tow is 30 years old (and most of the operators much older!) THERE WILL BE BREAKDOWNS which we will work hard to fix - but please bear with us.

Please DO NOT COME if you have no experience of using a FAST DRAG LIFT. You must be confident that you can ride all the way without falling off which damages the tow and lengthens the queue.

You will be VERY WELCOME to join us but remember, we are all volunteers, every penny we take gets ploughed back into the facility so that we can survive the lean years and ensure that Yad Moss is there to be enjoyed next time we get snow.

For the Yad Moss website click here