Armada Skis are one company that like to belong to the category of people who recycle. And they also recycle what they do best (next to making skis of course) and that is creating video edits. With this little treat they've grabbed some footage from a bunch of different film companies, their riders and whatever else they had lying around and with it, they created this edit.


The Armada Skis 2012 Team Edit featuring the best of the team's backcountry, urban, and park adventures with recycled footage from the 2010/11 Season from Poorboyz Productions, MSP, Level 1 Productions, Inspired Media, Sherpas, Chaoz, and 4bi9.

Featuring the skiing of: Tanner Hall, JP Auclair, Riley Leboe, Phil Casabon, Henrik Harlaut, Mike Hornbeck, Gus Kenworthy, Torin Yater-Wallace, and more.

Edited by: Corey Stanton

Additional Footage: Corey Stanton & Blake Kimmel


Iron Maiden- Hallowed be thy Name

BBNG- The World is Yours / Brooklyn Zoo

Gangstarr- Speak ya Clout

Ghostland Observatory- Glitter

twitter: @armadaskis Armada Skis Team Edit 2012 - "We Recycle"