With the season of Big Air city comps now over, the SkiUnion team found itself in an office discussion (argument) about which was the first one (yes, we know we are all incredibly sad!). We were expecting to go as far back as the first ICER Air (which moved into a stadium in 2005), or Freestyle.ch where snowboarding was introduced in 1999...and then we stumbled upon something we were totally unaware of, and frankly it makes the current city air comps look like child’s play. There’s no need to say much more, as these shots kind of speak for themselves...they are as beautiful as they are scary.  Most of these temporary Ski Jumps were erected in North America before the era of health and safety… Oh, for the good ol’ days!

Empire stadium in Vancouver, April 30th 1958...what a beast!
London Freeze is certainly no looker compared to the 1953 Empire Stadium Jump in Vancouver...
SUN0425 Ski Empire

And here's a video from a similar event at Hampstead Heath that one of you alerted our attention too.