The world is filled with sad news but this is a a huge hit to the ski world. The European Freeski Open was one of the events of the year and pulled in the top riders from all over the globe but all good things must come to an end and we're at that point. Here's what they've put on their website:

"The European Freeski Open in Laax has become an integral part of the Freeski sccene during the last six years. Although the event is one of the top events of the Freeskiing sport and interest of riders and media has continuously grown, the funding of the European Freeski Open has always challenged the organisers. Due to a lack of financial commitment by sponsors an economically arguable realisation of an event of this size and standard is no longer possible.

A big thank you goes out to all riders, sponsors and everyone who has supported the European Freeski Open during the last years."

It's a huge shame for the sport as everyone tries to progress but this is one hit we'll have to take. I'm hoping someone steps up to create another comp or take over this one but only time will tell...