Seems that the teaser season has definitely arrived! Next up on the list is Life Steeze Media's 'My World' and it's set to premiere in Moscow on 14th of September. If you're around Moscow in September then I would suggest giving it a look but before you do, yes hold your horses, you should probably check out the trailer.

Life Steeze Media presents new flick "My World"

Premiere in Moscow 14.09.12


Dmitriy Makrushin, Alexander Golovkin, Yuriy Moiseev, Evgeniy Vetoshkin, Andrey Anufriev, Grigoriy Fuzeev, Valeriy Nozdrin and others

Supported By:

Anteater, Amplid, Bern, Dragon, Fischer, Virus Boardwear, Shore Lab,,

Shot on Location:

Moscow, Russia

St-Petersburg, Igora

Finland, Ruka


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