I love the LINE: Traveling Circus episodes. It's a great reminder of the good old days when guys used to drive from resort to resort being proper ski bums, hiring RVs, sleeping in parking lots and generally living every day for the love of skiing. It's with that 'epic' introduction that I give you to episode 4.4 where the guys head to Europe for some Euro shred and RV trashing. One you watch it, you'll know what I mean. These guys should not be in charge of hire cars!

"Taking showers at water-parks, driving onto trains, and endless face-shots are great ways to learn about other cultures: The TC Crew returns to Europe! Armed with rental RV's and an endless supply of designer cheese sandwiches, the Euro TC Crew hits the open Autobahn in the midst of an epic two-week snowstorm." LINE Traveling Circus 4.4: Which Way To Ze Autobahn?