Manchester set the scene for the Oakley Grom Games 2011 this year and it was one hell of a comp, yet again! The Chill Factor-e was playing host to around 80 freeski fanatics and the event was set to run in a similar vein to last year. Skiers were given a two hour jam session where they could run the course as many times as they liked while the judges picked out the top three in each age group. Alongside this 12 riders were picked (9 men, 3 women) to face the invited riders, which consisted of James Machon, Murray Buchan, Joe Tomlinson and Katie Summerhayes.

Keeping in tune with the comp the 9 guys that qualified spanned a decade in age and had 28 year old Andy Bennett up against 12 year olds Cal Sandieson and Chris McCormick. After the first session there were 4 riders left including Murray Buchan and James Machon but they knew that they might have to go up against MJ Rowlands (13) or Tyler Harding (14) - who had been killing it all day. Luckily enough, the two invited riders battled against each other while the youngster fought themselves for a chance to claim the top spot.


1st - Tyler Harding

2nd - James Machon

3rd - MJ Rowlands


1st - Katie Summerhayes

2nd -Sissy Herant

3rd - Rowan Cheshire.

A huge thanks to Pat Sharples for being the brain behind the Grom Games and creating something that lets the home grown talent, that sometimes goes unnoticed, shine through! MPORA Action Sports >>