Here's an update from the Nine Queens event as we've already hit day 4!


Monday 21st saw the Ladies go head first into the Suzuki NINE QUEENS event in Serfaus with Winter X Games winners Kaya Turski and Sarah Burke. Host Virginie Faivre was overlooking the first session at her impressive snow feature in the afternoon with great delight: “I am super happy that the best freeski girls are here to hit this amazing chateau. It‘s the best thing that could happen to us!"

They quickly became friendly with the massive jump and rail set-up at the chateau yesterday and it was Völkl rider Emma Dahlstrom who was impressing everyone with her effortless cork 720s. But it was Red Bull rider Kaya Turski who seemed most at ease, throwing huge switch 7s and styled out 540 tail grabs.

That's just a quick update of what's been going on but check back for a write up and video highlights as soon as they come in!