Just a regular Friday goes by until I get an email about a new video by New Real Production. They've just released a new teaser for their upcoming movie 'Rave is King'. Would I be able to post it up on SkiUnion? Yeh, go on. It's pretty good so I don't see why not!

Without further ado, the guys from New Real Production have been killing it at Leysin Park for their third movie.

Featuring: Martin Golay, Yannick Guillermin, Philippe Suter, Jimmy Schuler, Romain Erard, Dylan Forde, Patrick Wider, Gil Mayencourt, Alain Moret, Benjamin Friant, Valentin Guignard, Pierre Prost, Alexia Bonelli, Manu Roulet and moreā€¦

http://mpora.com/videos/wSr1dPrTc MPORA Action Sports >>