There's nothing like 22 minutes of pure unadulterated skiing action. Thankfully the guys from StillMaking Production are here to make sure you have those minutes of your life filled.

"This is the Stillmaking productions’ season edit for 2011/2012, this summarizes the last winter with lots of awesome happenings, experiences and challenges. We have been travelling around to different location in Norway and Sweden to film skiing and snowboarding."

Featuring: Tomas Tangen, Alexander Klerud, Bror Vebjørn Steen, Rufus Tangen, Gaute Foss Morken, Karl Kristian Muggerud, Nils Albertsen, Jone Sigmundstad, Brad Kurtz, Aleksander Hammer og Alexander Espevik.

Filmakers: Marius Auflem, Jone Sigmundstad, Rufus Tangen og Aleksander Espevik.

Movie made by Rufus Tangen.