After much deliberation and teasing everyone with a few announcements, the full teams for the 2012 Swatch Skiers Cup has been confirmed... Almost. As you well know there are going to be two teams of 8 led by Mark Abma (Team Americas) and Sverre Lilliequist (Team Europe) and they'll battle in several man-to-man duels in the Chilean Andes. The winner of the duel scores a point for his team and the team with the most points at the end of the two day comp takes the trophy. Simple!

Who are these riders though? Well...

Team Americas:

Mark Abma (Captain)

Chris Benchetler

Chopo Diaz

Kye Petersen

Sean Pettit

Parker White

Oakley White-Allen


Team Europe

Sverre Lilliequist (Captain)

Markus Eder

Bene Mayr

Richard Permin

Sam Smoothie

Jacob Wester

Kaj Zackrisson


For those of you who are eagle eyed (or just normal people that can notice things) you will have noticed that the 8th rider is yet to be unveiled. The captains have a few weeks to find their last rider but the public can suggest names of riders they would like to see in the team. To do this they're getting people to sign up through the Swatch Skiers Cup Facebook page.

Head over and put your suggestion down and get ready to enjoy some Chilean ski battles.

Swatch Skiers Cup