Fuck it. It's Wednesday after all so why not add to the amount of full movies we've had on Ski Union this season!

TFJ Productions have released their full movie called Every Direction. As ever, we had the trailer up on Ski Union a while ago so to whet your appetite, watch the trailer here.

Want to know more about the movie? Who better to tell you than TFJ themselves:

"This film features pretty much the same people you've always seen in the crew along with some new additions. The fomula has been changed though. Trying to give you more of the back-story and get to know a little more about us as individuals and as a crew.

And TFJ is a tighknit group with people always looking out for eachother and getting eachother stoked on what we're doing. We're trying to, in a time where skiing's really starting to divide into different fractions, show our view on the sport/lifestyle/hobby/love we all share.

Hope you enjoy the film as much as we did making it.

More coming during the 11/12 season with edits, videoblogs and our new B-sides series.

Thanks for watching and for supporting the movement that is freeskiing.

T F J"

My favourite quote has to be, "it's so dark in Finland it's like skiing in Mordor." Unbelievable.