Summer sucks. There's literally too much pressure on us Brits to enjoy the very little 'summer' that we have, but I'll 'fess up to this one: I hate summer. I burn easily. It's too hot. Then it's too cold. There's bugs everywhere. I don't actually enjoy swimming that much. There's a distinct lack of skiing and snow. At first, cracking open a cold one with the boys is fun, but then the endless weekend drinks-in-the-park gets old quicker than the weather turns from sunny to rainy. And barbecue food is only okay.

I would, however, make an exception to my bottomless distain for summer if they looked like this. 

Real Skifi is back again with another cracking urban skiing edit, but this time there isn't a single dusting of snow to be seen. Piggybacking on the back of Episode 16Real Skifi Summer is a sun-soaked, t-shirt weather edit in a city filled with lush leafy goodness. There's the usual antics: backflips off the tightest kickers, rail slams, sparks flying, possibly a couple of broken body parts... but there's also lake diving and that segment where they strapped (ok, gaffer-taped) on to skateboards was pretty f*cking rad.

Not that they didn't raise the bar before when it came to their cutting edge urban newschool skiing edits, but it is now well and truly sky high.