Well, well, well. O'Neill have launched a new competition on their Facebook page that involves a few great ideas.

All you need is your computer, your Facebook account, your phone number and a little bit of luck. That's it. Not the longest list of things but quite important nonetheless. So, you log on, select your region (the others can be unlocked), select a few things, add your phone number and they will transform your digits into a GPS code. You then follow the bastard child of Google Maps to that location for a chance to win. If you land on a snow resort, you get put into a hat to win a snow holiday. If you land on one of the 19 O'Neill destinations then you win some O'Neill gear. Land in the middle of the ocean or the middle of the desert and you win bugger all. Nothing.

It's a pretty good idea for a comp. I'm off to try now. If you wanna give it a go, head here -