The night of the big-air at Winter X brought never-before-seen-in-competition tricks to the final which yet again blew away everyones perception of what is possibe on skis! Switch double rodeo 1440 (Jossi Wells), double cork 1620 (TJ Schiller), and a switch double misty 1440 by Bobby Brown that was so perfect that his fellow competitors not only knew it was no contest, but were as stoked as the screaming crowd.

bobby brown

Swiss Youngster Elias Ambuhl (17 years old) threw the final trick of the contest, a switch double rodeo 1440 that Jossi Wells had also been putting down. The 17-year-old Ambuhl stomped it cleaner than Jossi, knocking him down to fourth...but it was a foregone conclusion, and Brown was crowned gold Medalist.

Bobby Brown Double Misty 1440

TJ Schiller 1620

big air results