Get online and start playing. Double cork your way to a ski holiday in the States with TJ Schiller and snowoarder, Gigi Ruf. Last year the brand rewarded five winners from around the world the chance of a life time to spend seven days with legendary surfer Rob Machado. In 2010, the six winners of DRAGON’S 2nd edition of the worldwide DMT Web Game will receive an exclusive, all expense paid trip to a Premiere North America snow destination to hang out with GIGI RUF and TJ SCHILLER. The final destination will remain a mystery and will be based on optimal snow conditions.


From February 1st to April 4th, Dragon will invite unlimited users worldwide to log in and play a virtual free-skiing online game with TJ SCHILLER and a snowboarding backcountry trip with Gigi Ruf. Follow the link below and get shredding to earn a chance at winning this great prize.