You wouldn't want to enter a world-cup downhill on these, but they are great for shredding around on -piste (where they had an excellent edge-hold and manouvrabilty), aswell as busting through the crud and powder with the rest of them. With their lightweight construction we rekon that they'd also make the perfect touring ski, and we think this is one ski you would that you can be reasured leaving the house with if you are unsure what conditions you're going to find on the hill.

Price: £529 (Without Bindings)

Lengths: 170/180/190

Width Under Foot: 100mm@180

Turn Radius: 26m@180

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Terrain: All Mountain

Julia from Black Diamond shows us some of the ski range for 2010

http://mpora.com/videos/tGh1o8ab6 More Ski >>