For the purpose of this review we have chosen the Peak 88, but the range consists of 5 skis from 88mm underfoot to 73mm. At the wider end of the series the peaks are a great ski for people who like to carve at speed on the piste, but also like the option of diving into the powder every now and then. Generally testers were impressed with the versatility of these skis, and the 88 is probably the most 'all-mountainy' of the range, capable of handling everything from crud to powder, and from slushy piste to bulletproof ice.

Price: £555 (Incl. Bindings)

Lengths: 164/169/175/180/186

Width Under Foot: 88mm

Turn Radius: 19.2m@175

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Terrain: All Mountain

Matt from Head shows us a selection of skis from the 2010 range:

http://mpora.com/videos/4Pl49MRWp More Ski >>