The widest of K2's Apache series, this ski is almost bordering on a piste basher, but has just enough width underfoot to keep it capable in the softer stuff as well. These skis deliver a pretty smooth ride, and can hold an effective edge in a high speed carve. Really they prefer to be driven at speed, but they won't floor you for having a little cruise. They were surprisingly good off-piste as well considering their width. Really they are the perfect ski for people who like the groomed, but are starting to get a taste for the deep stuff. The Apache series goes all the way down to 68mm underfoot, for those looking for a more piste orientated ski.

Price: £520 (Incl. Bindings)

Lengths: 170/177/184

Width Under Foot: 84mm

Turn Radius: 17m@177

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Terain: All Mountain

Si from K2 takes us through some of the 2010 ski range:

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