If like us you watch a whole load of ski videos everyday, then no doubt in your time you will have come across countless tedious POV edits, which generally leave you wanting more action and less shaky shots of the white ground.

With the help of a 3rd person mount, Alex Meliss from South Tyroll approaches a self edit a little differently and we'd have to say definitely for the better.

Are 3rd person mounts the way forward do you think?

3rd person Mount by Sail Video System -  http://www.sailvideosystem.com

In this video:

Elias Vigl -  http://goo.gl/168XN

Marc Obkircher -  http://goo.gl/Zgurz

Clement Villgrattner

Luke Kusstatscher (Luu) -  http://goo.gl/08U07

Alexander Meliss (Meli)

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Shot 100% on the new Hero3 ® camera from  http://gopro.com . 

Camera Modes used: 720p-1080p @ 60fps @ 120pfs-2, 7Kp @ 30fps

Edited on Premiere Pro CS6,

slow motion & effects done with After Effects CS6.