As skiers we seem to get a fair amount of stick from our plank friends, and videos like this or indeed this one, don't really help our cause. But when our pals over at Whitelines posted up this amazing video earlier, we couldn't help but post it, mainly due to the fact that it's one of the strangest skiing related videos we've ever seen.

For the first minute we weren't really sure what the hell was going on - everything was upside down, there was some creepy 80s sci fi music and there was the suggestion that a man had mistakenly missed the moon and landed on the South Pole. Yep. Things got a bit more 'normal' when it becomes apparent that this is actually a man skiing on his head, as you do. Highlights include comments such as 'this is a great new technique if you have a bad knee' and when he attempts to go off a kicker! Brilliant.