So the final day has come and gone. But away from crying our eyes out because we have to wait another year to see it, you might as well watch day 2 highlights for the next 360-odd days left.

With the comp open to the public over the weekend, the spectators were herded in their thousands to watch the 90 minute jam session. Front row seats were sought after when Teddy Berr threw down a superman frontflip without the shackles of clothing!

Aside from the naked festivities, one of the big names of the comp was rookie Markus Eder. After entering the 'Wanna Be A Knight' competition that ran throughout the season, there was a lot of promise riding on this kid's shoulders. And he thought he'd try and take the crown of the big air comp home with him! He managed to fend off Bene Mayr and Kristoffer Edwall with his Kangaroo Flip Japan and a Double Cork 1260° High Mute. It seemed no one could touch him!

Enough of reading about it! Here's the highlight reel for you to swoon over! Almdudler Nine Knights presented by Fiat 2010- Action part 2 >>

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