Superunknown X Best Trick Edit from Level 1 on Vimeo.

A highlight reel of the biggest, best, most tech, creative, and innovative tricks from the Superunknown X contest. Level 1 took on the task of going back through ALL the video entries, finals and semi finals and picked out the best 36 shots that really stood out.

Get ready, as this is one pretty hefty list!


Laurent De Martin - 360 Disaster 180 Out

Dane Grashuis - Cork 7 Screamin' Nose Grab

Bendik Oye - Slide to Flair

Shay Lee - DFDF Closeout Back 270 Out

Noah Wallace - 180 Redirect Wallride 180

Paul Mikkonen - Butter 450 On Pretzel 270 Out

Hudson Knoll - Gap to Wall Redirect

Brad Bulzan - Rodeo 540

Brad Bulzan - 180 Gap

Dom Laporte - WTF 4Kink Switchup Transfer

Magnus Graner - Wallride Loop

Hugo Pelletier - Fence Gap Roof Backflip

Ethan Just - 1-Footed KFed

Mitch Gilman - Hand Drag Dub 12

Alex Dorszynski - Satellite Dish Flair

Alec Nelson - Triple Gap Rail

Andreas Unterberger - Triple Flip

Andreas Unterberger - Pillow Line

Andy McDowell - Half Cab Tail Press 360 Out

Birrion Sondahl - 4-Kink Dancing with the Stars

Zach Masi - 630 Disaster

Willis Engelhart - 4-Kink Ledge 50-50 180 Out

Sandy Boville - UpRail Stripper Pole Down

Robby Franco - Switch Dub Cork 16 Mute

Matt Halverson - UpRail 270 Safety To Tranny

Markus Obwaller - Dub Cork 1260 Mute

Mike King - Switch Lip Nollie Nose Press

Martin Boulais - 270 Firecracker 180 Out

Markus Elvebakken - Up Stall Dub Switchup Switch Out

Lars Tynes - Dub Cork 10 Mute Poke

Keith Forsyth - Switch 180-180 Switch Back

Jordan Clarke - Front Flip

Joakim Rignell - Dancing With the Stars

Jacob Kratzer - Underflip Disaster

Cedrik DP - UpRail Underslide Transfer

Cedrik DP - Wallride To Creeper

After being put to a Facebook poll it was Laurent De Martin's 360 Disaster to 180 Out that took 14% of the votes, which was enough to see him take the  SuperunknownX 'Best Trick' title. Who would you have chosen?