The highly anticipated first highlight video of the FIAT Nine Knights has been released, showcasing the phenomenal action of the first two days on the beautiful ‘Il Castello’.

The riding level at the FIAT Nine Knights has been sensational since day one, with a refreshing focus on creativity and style throughout the entire castle situated on the picture-perfect slopes of the Mottolino Fun Mountain. Awe inspiring sunset and sunrise sessions with The Flying Bull helicopter filming have given the photographers of the unique photography competition a difficult challenge selecting the very best of their countless banger shots.

The first sessions on ‘Il Castillo’ in Livigno have been truly some of the most productive, epic, fun and awesome days of skiing I have ever been a part of, I can’t wait to see what goes down the rest of the week!

Nico Zacek

A definite stand out in all sessions was Marker Völkl young gun Dennis Ranalter who, after qualifying through the Contour Wanna Be A Knight video contest, proceeded to ski like an animal; jibbing up a storm and tweaking his grabs to the max. He has definitely been turning heads of the all star list of riders at the FIAT Nine Knights.

This is easily the best selection of riders and the most awesome feature that the Nine Knights has ever had, I think the Big Air competition on Saturday is going to be crazy!

O’Neill rider Paddy Graham

While there are still a few more special sessions planned on ‘Il Castello’, the grand finale is the Big Air competition, which starts at 10am on Saturday the 20th of April and is open to the public, so get yourselves there!